What is going to happen on February 1, 2020?

Problems, officer?

  • Support for EDNS version negotiation on public DNS servers;
  • Support for RaNdOmIzAtIoN of capital and lowercase letters in DNS queries to increase entropy contained in the requests and responses;
  • DNS over TCP support on DNS servers (both authoritative and recursive);
  • Implementation of RFC 8020, which instructs recursive resolvers to stop quering a domain and all of its subdomains if they receive an NXDOMAIN-type response;
  • IPv6 support etc.

Over TCP

  1. Delivery of responses with sizes exceeding path MTU, without using generally unreliable IP fragmentation;
  2. DNSSEC support;
  3. Fighting DDoS attacks;
  4. Etc.
  • 90% of the issues are associated with the work of authoritative servers of 10 companies;
  • 68% of the issue is locked on the servers of a single company — the Chinese ISP Hichina;
  • Together with other Chinese providers — the AliDNS and Xinnet, this share rises to 72%;
  • Half of the names on the list also had issues with EDNS in November 2018, though resolved them successfully just about the time.

What’s next?




DDoS Attacks Mitigation and Continuous Availability

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DDoS Attacks Mitigation and Continuous Availability

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