Qrator Labs’ Value Partnership Programs

  • Transparent pricing policy, which means that it is easy for our partner to understand the criteria when choosing a fitting subscription plan for a customer according to the peculiarities of an individual business;
  • Discount programs for partners based on the competency and business metrics level. The most active partners get higher discounts for the Qrator Labs services provided for their customers as well as help in maintaining the level of professionalism in negotiation;
  • Qrator API that supports easy integration with authorization system, various databases and monitoring of whatever system that is needed to be followed in real-time;
  • Qrator filtering network is a solution accessible for almost every business, starting with SMB and ending with Enterprises. SLA level grows from 97% to 99.99% correspondingly, depending on your customers’ needs;
  • Educational programs, in which Qrator Labs provides the partner with all the needed competencies and technical skills required from employees to most effectively guide three different areas: sales, pre-sale and support;
  • Of course, 24x7 technical support maintained through any means of communication is the foundation of our service;
  • Our presale engineers are always there for the partners — from outlining a fitting architectural connection scheme to detailing the pricing model to fit the partner’s business and sales model;
  • A specialized partnership website that was built specifically for maintaining many customers with fully customizable options for the chosen services.



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Qrator Labs

Qrator Labs

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