Annual Network Security and Availability Report

Closely watched events of 2019

TCP SYN-ACK Reflection/Amplification and other protocols

TCP SYN-ACK amplification
Amount of unique amplificators and amplification factor in 2019
Industries DDoS attacks dynamics

BGP Optimizers

BGP Optimizer splitting routes



DNS-over-HTTPS versus DNS-over-TLS

TCP-acknowledgement bug

Re-Optimizing the Future of BGP routing

ASPA in action
Qrator Labs Presence Map 2019

Current and Future Development of Qrator Filtering Network

Processing Logic


Containers and orchestration

Yandex.Cloud and Ingress 2.0

TLS 1.3 and ECDSA certificates

Smaller Upgrades




Future Upgrades to the Network

DDoS Attacks Mitigation and Continuous Availability

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