2020 Network Security and Availability Report

Executive summary

  • By the beginning of 2021, Qrator Labs filtering network expands to 14 scrubbing centers and a total of 3 Tbps filtering bandwidth capacity, with the San Paolo scrubbing facility fully operational in early 2021;
  • New partner services fully integrated into Qrator Labs infrastructure and customer dashboard throughout 2020: SolidWall WAF and RuGeeks CDN;
  • Upgraded filtering logic allows Qrator Labs to serve even bigger infrastructures with full-scale cybersecurity protection and DDoS attacks mitigation;
  • The newest AMD processors are now widely used by Qrator Labs in packet processing.

Entering the second decade of Qrator Labs

  • From 1 to 14 scrubbing centers on 4 continents, including Japan, Singapore, and the Arabian Peninsula;
  • Entering 2021 the Qrator filtering network has approximately 3 Tbps of cumulative bandwidth dedicated to DDoS-mitigation;
  • From 7 to almost 70 employees from eleven cities;
  • And, we have saved, literally, thousands of customers.

Improvements behind filtering logic

AMD inside Qrator Labs

Partner technologies integrations

Filtering in IPv6

Statistics, and further analysis of DDoS attacks data

Diving into BGP